PolySorb has many ways of being installed. Vertically on a wall, horizontally on a ceiling, hung down from a ceiling, hung off a wall and many other creative ways. Here are a few installation photos to see the process and results. Click on photos to see larger version.

Selah SD Primary School

These common area walls were set up with multi-color decorative panels to help dampen noise reverberation. Fairly simple, very effective.

Vance Building, Conference Room

These walls were set up with panels to make a conference room more comfortable with better sound dampening their audio visual room. To further help in noise reduction they hung panels from the ceiling.

Mithun Architecture

This wall was created by using two different panel colors to create a more unique style and look while dampening the ambient room noise.

This is a remodel fitment of panels in a conference room. This illustrates the process of setting up an existing ceiling with our patented PetClip mounting system. Notice the precise reveals at the borders and between panels. Cut outs for lights and re-connection of the fire safety equipment looks like it was meant to be designed this way.

Benaroya Octave 9 Sound Studio

Very high performance sound studio at Benaroya Symphony Hall.
• 1/2″ Silver Gray panels custom cut to the architects specifications for an esthetic and highly efficient sound dampening system.

Salem Public Library

Newly renovated Salem Public Library waffle ceiling grid.
• 2″ Cloud ceiling panels custom cut to fit between the legacy ceiling grids.

Twality Middle School

Newly completed Twality Middle School common areas.
• 2″ Cloud ceiling panels custom cut to fit between the rafters. A real labor saver! Also see our GypSorb product in this school. Click here


Newly completed Kalama gym and common areas.
• 1″ and 2″ Cloud ceiling and wall panels in unique sizes

Lakeview Library

Newly completed Lakeview Library, Oregon
• 1″ and 2″ Cloud Ceiling, Baffle and Wall Panels

Skagit County Library

Newly completed Skagit County Library, Washington
• 1/2″ White Ceiling Panels
• 1/2″ Silver Gray Ceiling Baffles

The Center for Wooden Boats

Newly completed Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle by Olsen, Kundig, Allen Architects.
• 2″ Obsidian on ceilings with 2″ air gap
• 1″ Obsibian on walls direct to plywood

F5 Network Corporate Offices

• 2″ Cloud and Dark Grey cable hung from the ceilings
• 2″ Dark Grey suspended from ceiling

Restaurant Projects

Jade Fusion Restaurant at Angel Of The Winds Casino
• 1/2″ Sesame on walls direct to wall board
• 1″ Sesame on ceiling with air gap

Copine Restaurant
• 1/2″ Cloud suspended from ceilings with air gap

Evergreen Pizza Restaurant
• 1/2″ Cloud suspended from ceilings with air gap

Honda & Toyota of Seattle Car Dealerships

• 2″ Cloud direct to ceiling and wall and suspended from ceilings too

Lynndale Elementary School Exterior

• 2″ Dark Grey direct to ceiling

Seattle Opera House

• 2″ Grey cable hung and direct to wall

MS B124 Sound Studio

• 2″ Multi colored and cut pattern mounted direct to wall

WeWork Studio

• 1/2″ Cloud panels mounted direct to wall

Installation is made easy with our patented PetClips. Screw or adhere these into a solid anchor point and our light weight panels are easily pushed onto the protruding posts for a secure, yet reposition able, install.