PolySorb has many ways of being installed. Vertically on a wall, horizontally on a ceiling, hung down from a ceiling, hung off a wall and many other creative ways. Here are a few installation photos to see the process and results. Click on photos to see larger version.

Twality Middle School

Newly completed Twality Middle School common areas.
• 2″ Cloud ceiling panels custom cut to fit between the rafters. A real labor saver! Also see our GypSorb product in this school. Click here


Newly completed Kalama gym and common areas.
• 1″ and 2″ Cloud ceiling and wall panels in unique sizes

Lakeview Library

Newly completed Lakeview Library, Oregon
• 1″ and 2″ Cloud Ceiling, Baffle and Wall Panels

Skagit County Library

Newly completed Skagit County Library, Washington
• 1/2″ White Ceiling Panels
• 1/2″ Silver Gray Ceiling Baffles

The Center for Wooden Boats

Newly completed Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle by Olsen, Kundig, Allen Architects.
• 2″ Obsidian on ceilings with 2″ air gap
• 1″ Obsibian on walls direct to plywood

F5 Network Corporate Offices

• 2″ Cloud and Dark Grey cable hung from the ceilings
• 2″ Dark Grey suspended from ceiling

Restaurant Projects

Jade Fusion Restaurant at Angel Of The Winds Casino
• 1/2″ Sesame on walls direct to wall board
• 1″ Sesame on ceiling with air gap

Copine Restaurant
• 1/2″ Cloud suspended from ceilings with air gap

Evergreen Pizza Restaurant
• 1/2″ Cloud suspended from ceilings with air gap

Honda & Toyota of Seattle Car Dealerships

• 2″ Cloud direct to ceiling and wall and suspended from ceilings too

Lynndale Elementary School Exterior

• 2″ Dark Grey direct to ceiling

Seattle Opera House

• 2″ Grey cable hung and direct to wall

MS B124 Sound Studio

• 2″ Multi colored and cut pattern mounted direct to wall

WeWork Studio

• 1/2″ Cloud panels mounted direct to wall

Installation is made easy with our patented PetClips. Screw or adhere these into a solid anchor point and our light weight panels are easily pushed onto the protruding posts for a secure, yet reposition able, install.