Acoustic Certifications (ASTM C423)

PET Polyester acoustic panels have many construction applications, but acoustic absorption is the key attribute. Regardless of manufacture, all PET acoustic panels should have an NRC value.

Comparing panels from different vendors may look the same but have vastly different ASTM C423 results. But the higher the number is isn’t necessarily better.

There are different variations of the ASTM C423 tests. They range from “A” mount where the PET acoustic panel is placed directly on a cement floor (and will have a lower NRC number) to an “E” mount where the PET acoustic panel is suspended a few inches in the air (and the NRC number will be higher).

On another note for ASTM C423 testing that produces an NRC value, keep in mind that NRC is an average of performance at different frequencies and distances. If you know the specific acoustical profiles or sound frequencies that you need to target, then look at the charts on our data sheets to compare performance at your specific frequency.

Flame and Smoke Certifications (ASTM E84)

ASTM E84 certification uses a test combination of flame spread and smoke generation. Probably the most important certification for applications that are considered “building materials”. You may not need this certification, but PolySorb has their acoustic panels tested to this specification.