Polyester is more efficient and cost effective than most other sound absorbing materials, providing new construction and retro-fitting environments of all budgets with another audio control option to consider. Our PolySorb panels offer outstanding sound absorption on ceilings and walls in many colors, thicknesses and installation options.
Polyester audio absorption panels have a wide variety of end uses in the field such as corporate environments, warehouses, education institutions, healthcare facilities, hospitality and convention centers, restaurants and public places, retail spaces, houses of worship and even our homes. Delivering a high degree of cleanliness, safety and consumer satisfaction.
ACOUSTICAL INSULATION – Excellent acoustical performance in sound absorption and dampening.
IMPACT RESILIENT – Very durable and able to absorb shock.
FIRE RATED – Complies with Class A fire code rating per ASTM E84.
PUT A PIN IN IT! – Pinnable tough yet soft surface with excellent holding characteristics.
TOUGH AND DURABLE – Will not rot, change color or deteriorate and is non-hygroscopic.
EARTH FRIENDLY – 100% recyclable, VOC free including formaldehyde, non-allergenic and non-toxic.
EASY TO CLEANClick here for cleaning information.

Easy to cut into custom shapes and light enough to suspend in many different configurations!



Panels come in multiple sheet sizes and thicknesses.