PolySorb PET Polyester Acoustic Absorption Solutions

PolySorb PET acoustic panels

PolySorb PET polyester acoustic panels enhance your living, work and entertainment spaces so they are more comfortable by reducing noise levels and sound reverberation.

PolySorb acoustic panels are harmless to the atmosphere and human body. There are no carcinogens, is formaldehyde free and 100% recyclable.

Compare PolySorb acoustic poly wall covering panels to fiberglass, rock wool, and urethane foam. PolySorb is the preferred material for sound absorption.

Architects and sound engineers have been specifying GypSorb and PolySorb products for over 20 years.

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What is your noise problem?
PolySorb PET acoustic panels!

PolySorb PET acoustic panels

PolySorb PET Acoustic baffles effectively absorb sound while offering better interior design styling options than a traditional suspended ceiling and can be used to work in a wider range of spaces. When designed correctly, baffles can remain hidden in plain sight and keep the focus on the key design features of the space without disrupting the flow or aesthetics.

PolySorb PET acoustic panels

PolySorb PET Acoustic clouds are easy to specify if it is difficult to find the space that is a good application for baffles or ceiling mounted panels. Acoustic ceiling clouds are cable suspended horizontally, come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, styles, sizes, and shapes. They can actually boost ceiling visual design, and hide distracting and unappealing ceiling fixtures and equipment.

PolySorb PET acoustic panels

PolySorb PET Acoustic panels are the perfect solution for rooms and areas that experience excessive and uncomfortable sound reverberation. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and thicknesses for various applications, PolySorb specialize in the most technically advanced and tested acoustic materials in the world.



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