Controlling a noisy, or echoey, room can be as easy as hanging a PolySorb baffle or cloud system.

PolySorb baffles can be hung from most any type of ceiling as long as you have the overhead space to hang panels down. You can greatly enhance a room or environment with little effort. The perfect alternative to the old fashioned ceiling tiles of yesterday.

PolySorb comes in an assortment of colors, from our new brighter colors and standard color palette of more subtle earth tones, greys and black.

Regardless of your space or design style, our baffles will help to make it a more enjoyable area to visit, converse, learn, shop, heal or exercise.

Want a straight edge or a funky pattern? We can create whatever options you are looking for.

PolySorb regularly gets asked what is the most effective acoustic ceiling treatment, Clouds or Baffles? The answer is both, however, there are some environmental situations where PolySorb recommends the use of one over the other and sometimes a combination of the two.

PolySorb PET Acoustic Baffles

Baffles effectively absorb sound while offering better interior design styling options than a traditional suspended ceiling and can be used to work in a wider range of spaces. When designed correctly, baffles can remain hidden in plain sight and keep the focus on the key design features of the space without disrupting the flow or aesthetics.

When specifying baffles, appropriate spacing is the most important efficiency factor. Projects where adequate baffles aren’t hung, the acoustic performance was poor. Some designers space baffles every 3 feet trying to save money, however, that doesn’t provide optimal acoustical control. PolySorb recommends spacing baffles 1 foot apart. And, baffle depth is very important. They should be a minimum depth of 1 foot to be effective.

Sound may still get past baffles, hit the ceiling, and bounce back around causing discrete reflections. If you want to fully mitigate reflections, baffles may not be fully effective unless they are oriented in a specific pattern and direction. They could negatively refract sound from one side of the room to another. To mitigate this, PolySorb recommends installing baffles in two or more patterns and directions, in a grid pattern, and use in conjunction with perforated wall board products from our sister company, GypSorb.

Baffles are vertically suspended in rows and columns spreading across the expanse of your ceiling as best you can. Our installers provide their best mount method to the ceiling, including wire to thread through our grommets and then the fastening technique to your ceiling, such as J hooks, screws, or twist tied to the top of your joists. The baffles are designed to tuck up inside your runs of joists, with the bottom of the baffle equal or slightly higher than the bottom of the joist. If your ceiling is finished, drywall anchor screws or J hooks work great. If your ceiling is a drop grid tile system, append clips to the grid, thread the wire through the clip and through the grommets to easily support the baffle.

PolySorb PET Acoustic Baffles are designed to provide unique and decorative design choices while significantly improving the sound quality by reducing sound reverberation.

PolySorb PET Acoustic Baffles are available in a range of color and thickness.

By incorporating PolySorb PET Acoustic Baffles the reduction in unwanted reverberating noise can be significantly reduced. Some frequencies, up to 100% of unwanted sound can be absorbed by installing PolySorb PET Acoustic Panels of the appropriate thickness with various differences in air space behind them.

Sound absorbing PolySorb PET Acoustic Baffles are part of the product range of acoustic wall and ceiling noise abatement systems. Acoustic baffles are an viable option for treating interior noise from today’s public spaces that have a lot of hard surfaces. Hard surfaces reflect sound causing it to bounce around creating annoying noise, making rooms uncomfortable to use.

White gloves should be used when handling PET acoustic panels to avoid staining or marking the baffles. Install the first baffle and check that the installation is satisfactory before proceeding with the rest of the panel installations.

Aluminum Channel and Stainless Steel Rail Systems

Here Are A Few Examples of Baffle Installs

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic clouds are easy to specify if it is difficult to find the space that is a good application for baffles or ceiling mounted panels. Acoustic ceiling clouds are cable suspended horizontally, come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, styles, sizes, and shapes. They can actually boost ceiling visual design, and hide distracting and unappealing ceiling fixtures and equipment.

PolySorb clouds are created with difficult ceilings in mind. Clouds help absorb sound within an open space to reduce reverberation, no matter what type of ceiling or interior space you are dealing with. The height of the cloud is less critical than a baffle, as it is more important to make sure the clouds fit architecturally and thematicly.

In many environments, there may not be a right or wrong option. The decision between baffles or clouds may come down to which complements the interior design the best. In noisy restaurants, it’s more about quantity; the more PET acoustic products the better. Open office spaces are a prime example where any treatment is going to be better than no treatment at all, as one of the main issues here is low or no partitions and being able to manage occupant privacy. The ceiling is the strategic and primary starting point, but the walls probably will also need audio absorption treatments to achieve ideal sound levels.

Ultimately, the type of space, and its use, will define whether baffles or clouds are the best for your audio absorption solutions.

Here Are A Few Examples of Cloud Installs