Controlling a noisy, or echoey, room can be as easy as hanging a PolySorb baffle system.

PolySorb baffles can be hung from most any type of ceiling as long as you have the overhead space to hang panels down. You can greatly enhance a room or environment with little effort. The perfect alternative to the old fashioned ceiling tiles of yesterday.

PolySorb comes in an assortment of colors, from our new brighter colors and standard color palette of more subtle earth tones, greys and black.

Regardless of your space or design style, our baffles will help to make it a more enjoyable area to visit, converse, learn, shop, heal or exercise.

Want a straight edge or a funky pattern? We can create whatever options you are looking for.

Aluminum Channel and Stainless Steel Rail Systems

Here Are A Few Examples of Baffle Installs