New Colors are our brighter color tone panels that come in multiple thicknesses and panel sizes as well as custom panel sizes on a special order basis.
Size Available: 4′ x 9′ standard, and custom sizes with MOQ
Thickness: 1/2″ standard, custom order to 1″ with MOQ
Core Density:  12.5lbs per square foot
NRC: Type A Mounting 0.45, Clouds and Baffles 0.75 to 0.90
Face Type: Ironed Smooth Face
Core Color: See below
FSI: Class A Flame Spread Index
DATA SHEET: New Color PolySorb Test Data Sheet
Description of the test specimen

Name: PS12
Specimen Size: 24″ x 48″ x 1/2″
Mount Method: Type A Mounting Method
Frame Construction: On the floor

Area of test specimen: 24″ X 48″
Air temp in the test room: 22 C
Air humidity in test room: 63%
Number of sound source positions: 2
Number of microphone positions per sound source position: 8
Type of noise used: Pink random noise
Type of mounting used: Type A Mounting

Practical sound absorption coefficients

Evaluation based on laboratory measurement results obtained by an engineering method.

Ratings according to ISO 11654
Weighted sound absorption coefficient: 0.45 
Sound absorption class: D

Rating according to ASTM C423 – 99
Noise Reduction Coefficient = 0.45 -0.90
Sound Absorption Average = 0.58

It is strongly recommended to use this single number rating in combination with the complete sound absorption coefficient curve. Sound absorption coefficients according to ISO 354 measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room.