Easy To Install

PolySorb PET Acoustic Panels are very easy to install. It can be directly glued to sheetrock walls and ceilings or any other form of board such as plywood, cement board, cement walls etc. using a strong adhesive. PolySorb also has their patented PETclips system. Panels can be cut into any shape and size using a sharp blade or Festool saw blade.

High Acoustic Properties

PolySorb PET acoustic boards provide a relatively high Noise Reduction Coefficient. These acoustic panels have a NRC value range from 0.45 – 1.05, making it an ideal product for theaters, auditoriums, office space, conference rooms, recording studios and any other space that need sound reverberation abatement.


PolySorb PET Acoustic Panels are made from the highest quality, high density polyester materials. They do not require any form of special maintenance. Regular vacuuming and cleaning with PolySorb cleaner is sufficient in order to maintain the integrity, efficiency and beauty of the panels.


PolySorb PET Acoustic Boards are very safe and ecologically friendly. The composition of acoustic panels comprises of 100% recycled PET. The PolySorb Acoustic Panels do not produce any harmful substances during installation unlike fiber glasswool or mineral rock wool. PolySorb products are non-carcinogenic and contains no harmful substances of any nature, and are 100% recyclable.


PolySorb’s focus is on providing the highest quality materials with a high longevity. PolySorb PET Acoustic Panels are made from high quality raw materials and with minimal maintenance, these panels will not degrade or fade for a period of 10+ years.

Thermal and Heat Insulation

Apart from having superior sound absorption properties, PolySorb PET Acoustic Panels provide excellent insulation values from cold and heat as well.

Installation is made easy with our patented PetClips. Screw or adhere these into a solid anchor point and our light weight panels are easily pushed onto the protruding posts for a secure, yet reposition able, install.